Custom Graphics

Untangle the web.


Infographics are a type of knowledge translation that make complex concepts or lengthy text accessible to the modern reader. You send me the concept or text and I create hand drawn visuals either on the iPad or on good-old-fashioned pen and paper.  They're super useful for just about every industry or field, even personal projects--every client is unique. Some of my favorite things to make visual include lesson plans & curriculum, strategic plans, mission statements and social/environmental justice issue overviews.

I partner with innovating clients globally. 


Communications Materials

From marketing to reports, Web content to brochures, all the ways we communicate are forms of storytelling.  Stories brought to life with symbols, metaphors and visual thinking are proven to have deeper, longer lasting cognitive impact than text. That's because a story told in image engages your listener from the the part of their brain that looks for connections, not proofs.

I partner with innovating clients globally. 

personal vision mapping

Launching a new business? Wondering how to transition well into the next phase of life? Asking what’s next in a field of possibilities? Needing to get your life’s work onto paper? A Personal Vision Mapping Session can be done in-person or over a video conference, and is a 2 hour session in which you share your passions, dreams and visions in a stream-of-consciousness flow. I listen deeply and capture what you say, how you say it and what themes and underlying structures I hear organizing your thoughts. At the end of our session, you keep the 3x3ft poster to hang in your home or office to help you manifest your vision. It’s a graphic recorded poster all about you!