Graphic Recording

Great storytelling starts with expert listening.

Live Visual Notetaking:

Walls + Lapscribing

Imagine watching your conversation unfold on a wall in front of you, allowing every person in the room to be fully immersed in the collective design process and witness the emergent patterns of the intelligence of the group.  Graphic recording is a map of a conversation that leaves participants with high levels of clarity, connection and investment.  I filter and organize information in a way that allows teams to run more effectively and efficiently, saving time and money.  From meetings and workshops to presentations and speakers, graphic recording changes how people see ideas. 

You keep digital images and original posters to use on your website, as screensavers, posted in meeting rooms or wherever they'll continue to inspire you and your team.

Feedback Capture

Ideal for large gatherings with lots of real-time participant feedback. Ensure that no information gets lost after your gathering with hand-drawn visuals (hard-copy and digital) that synthesize data and pull out important themes, trends and metaphors.