Visual Practitioners

A visual practitioner can come in many forms - we're a diverse field of live visual note-takers, creative harvesters and pattern finders.   At the heart of what we do is:

Capture information with a variety of different tools and methods, including illustrations, diagrams, icons, drawings, maps and storyboards. 

Communicate ideas using visuals that increase both comprehension and retention of information.

Stimulate creative thinking and inspire people to think in unconventional and innovative ways.

Strengthen Relationships by helping people see that their ideas are being understood.  Diversity becomes an asset when the bridge across difference isn't lost in translation.


About Kate

Kate is a graphic recorder and visual facilitator who is passionate about illustrating ideas to creatively and collaboratively address the complex challenges of our time. Using a diverse toolbox of creative and participatory strategic design elements Kate works with innovating clients globally to create political art that inspires social shifts by inviting participants towards forms of knowing and sensing rooted in symbol, metaphor and story. They believe that the process of “harvesting” is to co-create a cartography of conversation in which we use memory, affect, intuition and maybe even divination to collectively make meaning.

Kate is a college walk-out with an academic background in women, gender & sexuality studies and alternative education. Since 2015 they have been a founding member of Ecoversities, an emergent network of global leaders reimagining higher education and the Decolonial Futures Collective designing pedagogical experiments that center indigenous spiritual traditions. Most recently their work brought them to Mexico to reconnect with ancestral land and begin a path of becoming a healing practitioner through Terapia Nierika. A recent transplant to Oakland, California, Kate plays capoeira, grows food and parents in community.


The Crow's Journey

You're in a room with dozens of brilliant minds, bursting with ideas and vision for addressing the big challenges of our time.  As you step across the threshold into conversation, you watch as diverse and divergent perspectives start bumping against one another-- the room starts to become messy and chaotic. You've arrived at the liminal stage in the process of transformation - this is the realm of ideas being born.  You can't go back to when everybody had their own individual stories, no! But you are not out of the woods yet, and a clear path is yet to be discovered.

There are as many great ideas out there as there are stars in the sky, and a lot of folks get uncomfortable here, clinging to old ideas and not knowing how to make sense of lots of unorganized information.  But solutions to big problems necessitate collective meaning making, and that requires creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. 

Crows, known to be the smartest bird on earth, are fabled to be navigators of the liminal.  Folklore from around the world tells of crows moving between worlds and realms, comfortable in seeing the world from many perspectives.  When we use imagery like this to tell stories, suddenly a sky full of random data points becomes a set of constellations.  We find relationships and map them, giving our world order and meaning. 

So when you find yourself navigating through a conversation that's rich and complex, exploring back alleys and side streets of a big idea and getting lost in the chaos of random points of data strewn across the sky, remember that the fastest way from point A to point B is to tell a story about it.  Zoom out and map the patterns of a constellation - meaning made collectively - and get to the point as the crow flies.