graphic recorders aren't just artists.

We're systems thinkers and storytellers, creating visual landscapes for innovating clients.


I'm here to help you and your team confidently navigate those tenuous, liminal moments where new ideas are born, where the wisdom of the collective speaks, when collaborating across difference can get messy.  

Kate is a deep listener and brilliant visual architect. I’m in awe at how Kate’s visuals and presence deepen the impact of what’s happening in the room. Every encounter has exceeded my expectations and Kate remains my first choice for graphic facilitation.
— Mattice Haynes, CEO, Art of Community
I am amazed by how Kate is able to listen deeply through their artistic hands and capture in visually rich ways the deep wisdom and feelings of a conversation. They are skilled at creating memorable, graphic recordings of important ideas that cannot always be expressed simply by spoken and written words.
— Stephen Lewis, President, Forum for Theological Exploration
It is always a deep honor when I get to work with Kate. Their visuals set the mood and tone of a room and their graphic facilitation is practiced with careful listening that mirrors back the heart of what is unfolding within a group. Their group facilitation invites people to dream into possibilities that bring forth more dignity, respect and interconnected living.
— Ashley Cooper, The Mycelium School Co-Founder
We had the opportunity to work with Kate during our community grantmaking process for CoThinkk. They created such a substantive piece of art that captured who we are as an organization, what we are trying to accomplish, and the type of impact we want to have in working with community.
— Tracey Greene-Washington, CoThinkk Founder